Damnably Radio #30

Calvin Party 8Days 8 Days EP (Eli Records 2008) www.myspace.com/calvinparty
Mike Watt & Migu
Choose the light www.myspace.com/wattfrompedromusic
Frida Hyvonen London Silence is wild (Licking Fingers 2008) www.myspace.com/fridahyvonen
Lambchop Ohio Oh Ohio (Merge 2008)
Michael Hurley Ohio Blues Sweetcorn (Trikont 2002)
Construction and destruction The Guest Home bodies (2007)
Lucinda Williams Little rock star Little Honey (Lost Highway 2008) www.myspace.com/lucindawilliams
Silkworm Lily White and Cherry Red Chokes! EP(12XU 2006)
Construction and destruction Thank You Home bodies(2007)
Kath Bloom With Loren MazzaCane Connors How it rains
(Megalon Records 2002)
www.myspace.com/kathbloomchapter www.myspace.com/mazzacaneconnors
Frida Hyvonen Dirty Dancing Silence is wild (Secretly Canadian 2008)
American Werewolf Academy Tell them right now Triceratops (AWA2008)
Lazarus Clamp Richochets
It Ain’t What You Do, It’s What It Does To You (Bearos 2008) www.myspace.com/lazarusclamp
The New Year The company I can get The New Year (touch and go 2008) www.myspace.com/thenewyear
Mike Watt Verse XI