World International John Peel Day – 12 Oct 08

Damnably Presents...
World International John Peel Day
Sunday, October 12, 2008
8:00pm - 18+
22 Kingsland Road,
London E2 8DA
Other Info
P.W. Long
A genuine legend whose seminal bands Wig/Mule/Reelfoot preempted The White Stripes with a howling and a hollering of a man on fire playing deadly delta blues in a crucible of hard living and harder rockin!.

Joanne Robertson
An actual artist who plays drums, writes songs, plays guitar, sings and has supported Franz Ferdinand and loads of other super cool bands. Her debut album 'Lighter' came out on 'Textile' which is home to Jackie O' Motherfucker and the Telescopes and she looks set to become one of the UK's great unique talents.

MJ Hibbett
King of Optimistic Pop and Steve Lamaq/6music/XFM favourite who had 3 million downloads of his recent smash hit 'Hey Hey 16K' and had a sell out run at the Edinburgh festival with his 'my exciting life is show business' show. He is irrepressible and the well adjusted child of Billy Bragg/The Wedding Present and Harry Hill.

A John Peel day would not be complete without a super loud and scary act so we have these Barking based shellac'ish noizeniks who stir up a crazed angular ruckus which is several orders of magnitude more interesting than many of the Math Rock clone acts currently hogging London stages.

North London's Arty answer to Sonic Youth. Expect Pomo NoWave Postslackerism from this Alt 3 piece who explode with beautiful noise invention. The band features the more attractive members of Huw Stephens favourites 'fantaplastic' and 'smallgang' and sound like Robert Wyatt crossed with the Swirlies.

Russell And The Wolf Choir
Romford's only poet who sits snugly in-between Jason Molina/Geoff Farina and Kevin Devine and deals in the lovelorn lullabies for the lonely, loveless or just a bit heartbroken.

Former Utopia
Possibly, the only indigenous cockney still remaining in East London and an iconoclastic genre hopping intellectual sombre song smith. As utopian as Billy Bragg, as haunted as Bill Callahan and on occasion as furious as Shellac. He has the manic obsessive inventiveness of an atheist Daniel Johnston but balanced with the insight and height of George Orwell.

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