Damnably Radio #26

Forgetful Florence Elephant in a white room www.myspace.com/forgetfulflorence
Omo König www.myspace.com/omomusik
M.G. Lederman Codes Codes (Coraille 2008) www.myspace.com/mglederman
Toromiro Ode to pancake EP1 (Toromiro2007 ) www.myspace.com/toromiro
Otter Fodder He’s a Spaniard wwww.myspace.com/otterfodder
Instruments The Mexican S/T EP (Unlabel 2008) www.myspace.com/instrumentsmakemusic
Helen Gassmann DVD’s and Earl Grey
The Melvin’s Nudes with boots Nudes with boots (Ipecac Recordings 2008)
Red Pen Don’t be sane www.myspace.com/redpensband
Lady Lazarus
Bones (Apartment Life Records 2008) www.myspace.com/ladylazarusintheory
Laura Palmer Three Times a Rapist Johnny Cashin’ In (2007) www.myspace.com/laurapalmermusic
Spraydog Midnight Hockey Impress and Defend (self released2008) www.myspace.com/spraydog
Swell The measure of this moment South of the rain and snow (self Released 2008) www.myspace.com/swelltheoriginalone
The not knowing
A very short song www.myspace.com/thenotknowingmusic
Dirtmusic Panther hunting Dirtmusic Glitterhouse (2008) www.myspace.com/dirtmusicband
Miranda July Bruce Lee www.myspace.com/mirandajuly
Dredlunadare Distance separates (demos from the Creekmouth 2008) www.myspace.com/dredlunadaremusic
Lord Invader Trinidad The Secret Museum Of Mankind, Vol. II – Ethnic Music Classics 1925-48 (Shanachie Entertainment 1995)
Sparrowhouse Empty Cage www.myspace.com/sparrowhouse
Joanne Robertson Gardener The Lighter (Textile 2007) www.myspace.com/jorobertsonblood39n39feathers
David Grubbs The Neophyte A guess at the riddle (Drag City 2004) www.myspace.com/davidgrubbsbluechopsticks
Giant Sand Spiral Provisions (YepRock 2008)