Damnably Radio #25

Dog day Sleeping, waiting Night Group (Tomlab 2007) www.myspace.com/dogdaytheband
Bartlebee’s Safety Pin stuck in my heart Urban Folk Legends (Little Teddy 1998) www.myspace.com/thebartlebees
Lady Lazarus My Dear man unrequited (Apartment Life Records 2008) www.myspace.com/ladylazarusintheory
Dixon 300 Pounds of Joy The Chess Box Vol 1(Chess 1988)
Frida Hyvonen Enemy within Silence is wild (secretly Canadian 2008) www.myspace.com/fridahyvonen
Dredlunadare My 1st Brick shithouse (demos from the Creekmouth 2008) www.myspace.com/dredlunadaremusic
Jeffrey Lewis The adventures of God as a young boy I killed the monster various artists tribute to Daniel Johnston (Second shimmy 2006)
Superfantastic’s What will you do now Choose your destination (Independent 2008) www.myspace.com/thesuperfantastics
David Grubbs
A Cold Apple A guess at the riddle (Drag City 2004) www.myspace.com/davidgrubbsbluechopsticks

Island Come Hither Hothouse Sunken Public Squares (2008) www.myspace.com/monsterislandmusic

Danny Kaye Ugly Duckling The Very Best of Danny Kaye (MCA 1987)
Half Man Half Biscuit Give us the bubble wrap CSI Ambleside (Probe Plus 2008) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half_Man_Half_Biscuit
Silkworm Nerves Firewater (Matador 1996)
C. Joynes 2 horses for Wetherby The Running Board (Leith Hill Recordings 2008) www.myspace.com/cjoynes
Thalia Zedek Band Wind Liars and Prayers (Thrill Jockey 2008) www.myspace.com/thaliazedek
Lord Invader Me one Alone Calypso in New York (