Damnably Radio #20

Billie Holiday On the Sunny side of the street The essential Billie Holiday (Soho 2002)
Bonnie Prince Billy Lie down in the light Lie down in the light (Spunk 2008)
Robert Forster Let your light in babe The Evangelist (Tag05 2008)
Robo Sapiens Hips to the front (mom’s basement blah) www.myspace.com/robosapien
What the kids want Hold the beat Hold the beat ep (Underground Government 2008) www.myspace.com/whatthewhatwhat
Former Utopia Intense surf protest song against Andy parfitt
Blossom Dearie Doop Doo Dee Doop Jazz for kids (Verve 2002)
American Werewolf Academy Jack Wild Tell them right now (AWA2005)
Yuki Kawana The forest on the way home Secret plans of a special artisan (abcdefg*records 2008) www.myspace.com/ykkwn
Seam Sometimes I forget Are you driving me crazy (Touch & Go 1995)
Bottomless Pit Seven sing Hammer of the gods (Comedy Minus One 2008)
Silkworm Theres a party in Warsaw tonight Libertine (El Recordo 1994)
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate Naweye toro In the heart of the moon (World Circuit 2005)
Thalia Zedek Do you remember Liars and Prayers (Thrill Jockey 2008)
Treorsi The illustrator No7 EP (Works Progress 2007)www.myspace.com/treorsi
Dianogah A breaks b qhnnnl (Southern 2008)
Team Dresch Fagatarian and dyke Personal Best (Chainsaw 1994) www.myspace.com/teamdresch
The X Members Wishes xoex ep www.myspace.com/theexmembers
Walter Ferguson Serenade Babylon (Papaya 2006)
American Werewolf Academy Goodnight my pumpkin pie Devil Spit it out (AWA 2004)
David Grubbs A shiver in the timber The spectrum inbetween (Drag City 2000)
The Moaners Foxy Brown Blackwing Yalobusha (Yep Roc Records 2007) www.myspace.com/themoaners
The Minutemen Do you want new wave or the truth Double nickels on the dime (SST 1984)
The Evens Around the corner The Evens (Dischord 2005)
Warren Zevon Don’t let us get sick Reconsider me (Artemis Records 2006)
George Carlin On Suicide Life is worth living