Damnably Radio #14

The Mountain Goats ‘Autoclave’ Heretic Pride (4AD 2008)
Robot Monster weekend ‘It’s Robot monster weekend time’ Turn Down Your Sorrow, it’s…http://www.americanwerewolfacademy.com/MerchPage.html
The Damned ‘New Rose’ 7 single (Stiff 1976)
Pepper Cats ‘Everybody is Gay’ http://tw.streetvoice.com/music/user-song-list.asp?sd=398599
‘My Blue Wave’ Is a woman (Merge 2002)
Will Oldham/Johnny Cash ‘I see a darkness’American III: Solitary Man (American Recordings 2002)
Amalgamated Sons of Rest (Oldham/Molina/Roberts) ‘Bonus’ (Galaxia 2002) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amalgamated_Sons_of_Rest
Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, George Harrison ‘My Back Pages’ The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (Columbia 1993)
Neal Young ‘From Hank to Hendrix’ Unplugged (Neal Young live) (Reprise 1993)
The FallStrange Town’ (Groundhogs cover) Imperial Wax Solvent (Castle records 2008)
Silkworm ‘Young’ Italian Platinum (Touch and Go 2002)
Johnny Mosley ‘Song boat’ www.myspace.com/johnnymosley
Julie Dorion ‘The Sweetest eyes’ (when you laugh) (Acuarela 2003)
Moe Tucker/Jonathan Richman ‘I’m sticking with you’ Modern Pop Classics 7’ (Valvuren 1980)
Lucinda Williams ‘Are you alright?’ West (Lost Highway 2007)
Howe Gelb ‘Explore You’ Upside down home 2007 return to San Pedro (OW OM Finished Recorded Products 2007)
Arvo PartCantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten’ (1977)Best of Arvo Part 2 Paavo Jarvi (EMI Classics 2004)