Damnably Radio #7 ‘Down by Law’ Special

Ex-Con-Smog-Red Apple Falls-Domino 1997
Breaking the Law-Judas Priest-British Steel-Epic 1980
Jail Break-Shellac ACDC tribute-Skingraft tribute 1995
White Lines-GrandmasterFlash & Mel-Sugarhillrecords 1983
Drugs are good-NOFX-45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records Fatwreck 2002
Cocaine Running aound my brain-Linton Kwesi Johnson-?
Cociane Blues-Woody Guthrie-Buffalo Skinners-The Asch Recordings Vol 4/Smithsonium 1999
Hate The Police-Mudhoney- SuperFuzz bigmuff plus early singles-Sub Pop 1990
Lawyers, Guns and Money-Warren Zevon-Excitable Boy-Electra/WEA 1978
Canto A Caracas-?
Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll-Ian Dury and the Block Heads-New Boots and Panties-Stiff 1977
Kill The PoliceDestroy the system-GG Allin-?
I fought the law-Buddy holly and the Crickets-In style with the Crickets-Coral-1960
Mr Policeman-The Malarians-Mind the Step!(Nuevos Medios, 1996)
Cocaine-Bob Dylan MTV Unplugged
Rotting on remand-Billy Bragg-Victim of Geography-
Tears of-The Glorytellers-www.myspace.com/glorytellers
Just as You are-Robert Wyatt-Comicopera-Domino 2007
See how I came into town-Frida Hyvonen-Pudel-Licking fingers 2006
Indianapolis-Brian Henneman-Live
Down The Narborough Road-MJ Hibbett-A Million Ukeleles-Artists Against Success-2007 (featuring Former Utopia on Lead)
Cocaine-Jimi Hendrix