World International The Fall Day – 8 Jul 07

Damnably Presents...
World International The Fall Day
Sunday, July 8, 2007
5:00pm - FREE SHOW! - 18+
Basement of Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way
London, UK WC1H 9EU
Other Info
The World International The Fall Day is on this Sunday and totally Free and features 6 great bands each paying tribute to the Wonderful and Frightening world of The Fall! There will be non stop Fall entertainment all day!

Former Utopia Shellac meets (smog) at a Sharon Shannon Post Punk Pity Orgy from East London

Chinwag Dianogah meets Mice Parade from this pretty new and excitingly clever mathrocky intellectual sexy 2 piece from London

Breaking Colts Woah! Post crazed Noize Discordance at Horse-Knacking Volumes from wonderfully angular Manchester 3 peice. Their bassist Jojo is the nicest bassist in the World! They drive on a musical hellbound motorway somewhere between Part Chimp, Hey! Colossus, and Lords-but better and Louder and better dressed too.

LoneLady Do Scary-good, incredibly complex and driven Post-Punk wired lady Pop and walk a sonic tightrope somewhere between early REM/Wire and Joy Division but with Bob Mould and D boon on guitar disguised as 1 fire-haired lady. LoneLady are never off bloody XFM

MJ Hibbett & the Validators Rockin, optimistic Indie Pop from this prolific band, who have had a 3 million downloaded Hit, done 4 LPs, Gigged all over, loads of radio sessions for Lamacq and friends to the stars! You will love this!

4 or 5 Magicians Brightons brightest hope for world international post-Indie Slacker Rock Domination. They are dead young and charming with boy'ish good looks and a natural flair for the modern hair styles. They fly a musical helicopter somewhere over the magical islands of Built To Spill, Pavement and Sebadoh. Gleaning loads of Radio play at the moment and can spot a pizza/chicken wings bargain bucket from a city away.

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